DISCOVER quality HEALTH care

The Dilly is fortunate to have reputable and professional health and medical services available. Find your local practitioners below whether you require a doctor, dentist, optometrist, physio or mental health support.

Whatever your health requirements, you will find quality care in Wollondilly.

Local Health Services

If you are in need of a hospital to facilitate surgeries, specialist treatments or emergencies the closest hospitals are the Camden Hospital and Campbelltown Hospital.

Whether it’s a simple cough or a serious concern the friendly and exceptional General Practitioners here in Wollondilly will be able to support you and help you on the road to recovery.  

To find the closest practitioner to you and book appointments, hit the button below.


If you’re in need of a smile makeover or have a dental emergency there are a number of local dental care facilities that can help you out. Wollondilly is proud to offer high quality care tailored to your needs and state of the art facilities.

To find the closest dentist to you and book appointments, hit the button below.


If you are looking for specialist care for hearing and eyes Wollondilly has a number of practices available. Please note you may need a referral from your GP before booking an appointment. 

Around the clock help is always available for yourself and loved ones. Please contact one of the fantastic providers below for support.

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