Getting Involved & Giving Back

The Dilly is packed with supportive, motivated and skilled individuals who organise and run a number of community organisations, facilities and sporting clubs in the region. Connect with our friendly and welcoming community by joining one of our many clubs or groups for people of all ages where you will meet new people, gain new skills or support the local community you call home.

Discover Our Organisations, Clubs & Facilities

If you would like to volunteer your time to help the community already working towards making the Dilly the best place to live and  connect with likeminded people then a community organisation might be for you.

Wollondilly is home to a great selection of sporting clubs with dedicated and enthusiastic coaches and club officials ready to welcome you to their team. Whatever your sporting preference there are a number of options in the Dilly to choose from that are close to home and suit your busy schedule.


Rubgy League/AFL

Touch Football & Oz Tag


Little Athletics





 Karate, Martial Arts and Self Defence


Wollondilly is fortunate to have many modern facilities open to the community. Whether you’re an avid reader looking to hit the library shelves, a lover of a leisurely swim or searching for the best parks to take the kids and four legged family members there’s something for everyone.

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